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Our customer service process begins with offering you a quote for your packaging requirements. The more specific your requirements are, the better our team can estimate the costs for manufacturing your packaging solutions. Throughout the manufacturing process, our sales and customer service team will communicate any discrepancies between packaging requirements and final production. Our team is dedicated, loyal, and committed to a can-do attitude in order to exceed customer expectations.


Our design process starts with your brand. You may provide us with detailed graphics and specifications for your packaging requirements or leave it to the Cardinal design team to create the most innovative and efficient design for your packaging needs. We use CAD software in-house to create graphics and specs, which then become dyes for your custom box. The most important part of this process is communication. We want your input to create the best packaging for your products. 


Our manufacturing is kept in house in order for us to better control the quality and quick turnarounds for our products. For your customized packaging needs, we source various styles of dyes and offer multicolour printing solutions. The process involves using dye cutting and printing machinery in our plant to develop different box styles for your packaging requirements. Having this streamlined process allows our team to easily communicate any changes required to the final product much faster. 

Testing is also an important part of our manufacturing process as it determines the durability of the box. At Cardinal, we use the Edge Crush Test (ECT) to determine the strength of our fibreboard. Quality control may also involve testing samples of printing on the boards to assure accuracy for the final product. 


Since we are located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) we deliver to a wide range of local companies within the GTA and some locations across Ontario. Our drivers make sure your packaging products get delivered on time and in the right quantities. While many local companies benefit from our delivery services, we also ship country-wide.