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Client Update

We are extremely excited to announce a big milestone in our journey. 


In honour of my father, Norm Hughes, and the company he led for 3+ decades, we have decided to continue our legacy through loyal relationships with our clients and suppliers. 


Our new company, Hughes Corrugated Distribution Group Ltd., enables us to evolve our product and service offerings and with an agile and lean start-up approach to sufficiently adapt to the post-Covid economy and industry. 


With enhanced capabilities through diverse supplier relationships we are utilizing upgraded equipment that allows for a wider range of corrugated sizes and styles, higher volume runs, and improved print offerings combined with reduced overhead and labor costs, more shared warehouse space, less time on planning production, and a greater focus on the front-end user experience. 


We are launching our business through a branded logo, partnerships, products, and capacity.


In the upcoming weeks, you will see our branding efforts featured on our company website and social media pages. Below are the website domain and social media links in which you can find us. We’ve also put together this PDF that features all of our product offerings.



Instagram: @hughesdistributiongroup

Twitter: @HDGBoxes

Facebook: Hughes Corrugated Distribution Group

LinkedIn: Hughes Corrugated Distribution Group


We thank you for your ongoing support, especially over the past few months. We are very excited to have the opportunity to start this company with you. If you'd like to stay updated on further announcements, you can opt-in to our mailing list here.


If you have any questions, we are available through email as always at; and our client service team can be reached through their cell numbers Wanda (289-314-9052) & Lori-Ann (289-314-7833). 




Brent Hughes, 

Founder, CEO


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